Gene Digital


freelance digital marketing services.

conversion focused, data-driven, search-engine optimisation techniques.

services we provide:

We deliver freelance digital marketing services to help improve your website’s visibility, traffic and engagement.


Specialising in providing efficient SEO solutions, including on-page and off-page work, keyword research, citation listings and technical SEO.


Our PPC services are built using research and data. We understand conversions and how to get the most out of your budget.

Content Marketing

Designing and curating content that fits your brand, helping bolster your website or social media platforms. Articles, Videos, Imagery, Infographics and more.

Our Work

A collection of recent digital marketing projects. We have been involved in a wide array of web projects, supporting companies in varying industries.

We Research, We Plan, We Execute.

Working with an SEO specialist has the potential to hugely improve the visibility of your website. We provide quality, sustainable website optimisation that will drive organic traffic to your website while you work on other things. 

Save Costs – Firstly, hiring an in-house SEO specialist full-time can be costly. For small businesses often working with an SEO freelancer is the best way to balance quality against cost.

Save time – Secondly, digital marketing can be a time consuming task, outsourcing will enable you to focus on other areas of the business. 

Brand growth – Finally, our expertise is in driving web traffic, leads and engagement. No matter what stage your business is at we can help improve your website.